Joint Venture

We have quite good amount of experience in executing projects through Joint Venture Mode. We are willing to associate the land owners to maximize the return on their property by entering into Joint Venture agreement for the development and construction of apartments/individual houses/row houses on their land. Such land owners can contact us for site visit and further discussions.

  Why Joint Venture with 10 Bricks?

  • 10 Bricks has Quality as the high priority
  • 10 Bricks promises strict adherence to safety standards
  • 10 Bricks has Qualified Architects, Engineers and other Professionals
  • 10 Bricks promises Timely Delivery
  • 10 Bricks promises clear Documentation
  • 10 Bricks ensures that your association with us is profitable and rewarding
  • 10 Bricks ensures Higher Sale & Rental values

   You can contact us at 96777 61331/61332 or mail us at 10bricksteam@gmail.com